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Santec Baling And Recycling Systems
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About Us

Why Us?

Why Choose Hysan From Santec Group
Our strong points are as follows:-

  • Sturdy Structure : Hydraulic Baling Presses undergo “Heavy Force Exertion” processes while in action and thus if not amply supported by a strong & sturdy frame, it’s unlikely to perform and more likely to give way prematurely without giving its full life. Therefore, Santec, with experience of having manufactured at least thousand plus presses, is firm on designing, manufacturing & exporting presses with sturdy frames without compromising on the Design parameters.
  • Superior Design: We have a well matured Design Department that is fully equipped with qualified & experienced Design Engineers. The department has the final say before commencing the production process. Our designing is done on “SOLID –WORKS” Premium software and undergoes all the steps of Design reviews by the senior teams and stress Analysis FEA etc. All this ensures a full proof design of the press with long, accurate, safe & trouble free performance..
  • Quality of Welding:Welding is another factor that ensures success of the press frame and makes it unshakably strong.We have well experienced & qualified welders team that has more than 10 to 20 years of successful experience in MIG welding and fabricating strong frames..
  • Safety Features:Our presses are essentially incorporated with all possible safety provisions that cover Operators Safety & Machine’s Safety both. It includes wire mesh protectors to sufficiently designed foundation bolts and all possible electrical cut ins, cut outs, pressure switches, audio visual alarms etc. to mention the least.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders:For trouble free operations of a Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Cylinders play pivotal role. Maintenance veterans say “If Hydraulic Cylinder is the heart of a Hydraulic Press then Hydraulic Seals are like heart valves to it.” Therefore, seal kits, cylinder’s strength & surface finish which helps them survive longer life is one of our prime concerns and expertise at Santec. We use imported seal kits in our cylinders consisting of wiper seal, PU rod seal - double lip, Step + o ring seal, wear rings, back up rings etc. These are international standard seals and so available all over the world with applicability to interchange with other makes easily. We normally use Hallite, Parker, Merkel & NOK seals.
  • Reputed Make of Hydraulic Pumps & Valves:We use superior quality of Pumps & valves of reputed make like Veljan, Yuken, Polyhydron, Rexroth and Sun. This is another essential factor that governs life & performance of the press. These, being of international standards, are easily interchangeable with other makes, thus provide easy repairs. Also, we have improved reliability through replacing long flexible pressure lines with manifold block. This ensures leak free application of hydraulic pressure which directly translates in to lesser maintenance cost and profit of buyer.
  • Use of High Quality Electrical Components:Small electrical components can cause severe maintenance problems. These can run in too expensive and loss making affairs that a buyer can get cheesed off to the level of discarding the press itself. We are not comfortable in using local make cheaper quality stuff just to make our product tagged with lesser prices. We, by using best quality components in our electrical circuitry or panels, simply rout out all such possibilities of regular electrical break down passels which drains off buyer’s time, money, energy, patience and production schedule planning. We use best make like Siemens, Honeywell, and Telemecanique etc.